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Biblically-Based Health and PE Curriculum Your Students Will Love

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Curriculum that Aligns with Your Values! 

As an educator, we know your desire is to have full confidence in the curriculum and resources you use when teaching students.

You want your curriculum to be Biblically based, easy to apply, and engaging for students.


Many Teachers Feel Their Health Curriculum Is Incomplete

Teaching PE/Health isn't easy!

Most health curriculum is filled with dated and boring content that checks a box and never actually helps students apply what they are learning.

Most of the time teachers are not trained and supported in implementing the materials, resulting in little to no impact on students.

Introducing the F.O.R.M Curriculum 

A health and PE platform that makes learning about health simple and fun for students.

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Functional Fitness

Learning how to move well over a lifetime.


Optimal Nourishment

Learning how to enjoy food, while also fueling our bodies.


Rest and Recovery

Learning how to create preventative routines to stay refreshed in our minds and bodies in every season.


Multiplied Maintenance 

Learning the foundations of thinking for sustainable growth in healthy living while helping others do the same.

Completely Turn-key

Your time matters! Whether you're teaching in the classroom, remotely, or a mix of both our highly engaging lesson plans are done for you and can be customized to fit your needs.

Health Curriculum
Education Curriculum

Interactive and Engaging

Our interactive curriculum helps students engage with, retain, and build habits around everything they learn.

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Upgrade your PE/Health Program

With F.O.R.M. your health education program doesn't have to feel like a glorified recess. Our fresh resources give you structure and frameworks so you can have a cohesive standard of excellence in every class.

Education Curriculum
Education Curriculum

We're Here to Help!

We train and provide constant support to teachers so the resources are actually used!

Education Curriculum


Our entire curriculum is Biblically based and our devotional guide helps students explore what the Bible teaches about health. 

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F.O.R.M. Curriculum Features:

  • Animated Lessons: Cover all the standards with these 8-12 minute engaging lessons that teach students everything they need to know about how to take care of their bodies.
  • Teacher Lesson Guides: These in-depth guides help you go even deeper into the lesson topics. Lesson summaries, key takeaways, discussion questions, and practical action steps help your expertise shine all the more!   
  • Teaching Slides: These presentations have pre-created slides that teachers can use to go deeper into the lessons. (Coming soon)
  • Auto-graded Assessments: These assessments solidify what your students learned in the lessons. We also have assessments to track their progress and habits.
  • Movement videos: These movement sessions will teach your students functional motor movements they can practice to strengthen their bodies. And with our warm-up and cool-down routines, they will learn how to properly warm up and cool down to avoid injury.
  • Nutrition Challenges: These challenges break down nutrition into a simple framework for students to practice creating healthy meals and snacks.
  • Devotional Guide: Our devotional guide goes along with each lesson and takes your students on a journey to see what the Bible teaches about the topics they are learning.
  • *Optional resources to cover sex education, substance abuse, addiction, and relationships: Many schools want to cover these topics but don't know where to start. Our resources approach them from a Biblical worldview. We give you resources to send home as well so you can involve and honor parents. 
  • Our partnership and support: We do all the lesson planning for/with you to customize everything to your school and then support you all throughout the year to ensure the materials are used.
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Reviewing F.O.R.M. is Simple!


1. Get the Free Preview

You can get instant access to review the entire curriculum, syllabus, and demo video on your own time.
Education Curriculum

2. Review the materials

Access the curriculum and watch the demo video that walks you step by step through how the curriculum works.
Lesson 1

3. Schedule Your Lesson Planning Call

Once you have reviewed the materials our team will create a custom lesson plan that fits your school BEFORE you buy.

Let's find the right curriculum for you.

We will send you more information and preview access to our platform.

Are you a homeschool family? Go HERE for our homeschool edition.

What Teachers Say...

Our Students love it! 

"The kids have really enjoyed it. They really feel like they are retaining the information instead of just being handed a long chapter from a book" - PE department chair

It's so easy to use!

"The kids have really enjoyed it."Just talked to our admin, and they said 'whatever you are doing in PE Keep doing it!' It's easy and the kids are loving it! - Health/PE teacher

A Few Example Lessons:


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Are you a homeschool family? Go HERE for our homeschool edition.

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