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Biblically-Based Health Curriculum Your Student Will Love

You can give your student everything they need to have a biblical worldview in health that will last for the rest of their life.

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Curriculum that aligns with your values! 

As a homeschool parent, we know your desire is to have control over what your child is taught so you know it aligns with your values.

You want your curriculum to be Biblically based and easy to apply. 


Many Homeschool Parents Feel Their Health Curriculum Is Incomplete

Homeschooling isn't easy! Helping your kids build a Biblical foundation in their health can be a massive undertaking.

Traditional “health education” programs are filled with content that doesn't align with your values and forces you to constantly sift through the content to find what is fitting and relevant.

It's a burden on you and simply a placeholder to check a box and cover the homeschool health credit. Your kids want something that is fresh and fun, not boring and dated. 

Introducing the F.O.R.M. Curriculum 

A curriculum for teaching students how to build a Biblical foundation in health

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Functional Fitness

Learning how to move well over a lifetime.


Optimal Nourishment

Learning how to enjoy food, while also fueling our bodies.


Rest and Recovery

Learning how to stay refreshed in our minds and bodies.


Multiplied Maintenance 

Learning the foundations of thinking for sustainable growth in healthy living while helping others do the same.

Completely Turn-key

Your time matters! With highly engaging lessons plans, inspiring movement videos, and auto-graded assessments you can gain hours back in your day.

Health Curriculum
Education Curriculum

Interactive and Engaging

Our interactive health curriculum helps students engage with, retain, and apply everything they learn.

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Devotional Guide

Our devotional guide helps students explore what the Bible teaches about health. Each lesson contains a passage of scripture and how to apply that to their life to have a Biblical worldview of health in every season of life.

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What Parents Say...

"Just have to say, we are loving this program!! I have 2 boys and a daughter and all 3 look forward to it" - Homeschool parent


"F.O.R.M. is an excellent addition to our curriculum. It's a great way to take a break from the homeschooling grind and get our kids up and moving!" - Homeschool parent

You Can FULLY Equip Your Student


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Education Curriculum

2. Seamlessly Integrate the Experience 

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3. See your student build a biblical foundation in health

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  • Animated videos
  • Movement sessions
  • Nutrition Challenges
  • Scripture Devotional Guide
  • Access to the F.O.R.M. Collective
  • Health credit completion 
  • Homeschool Discount (Normally $147)
  • Completely TURN-KEY
  • Access to both the Elementary and Middle/HighSchool editions
  • *Bonus support module for parents
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A Few Example Lessons:


Want a sneak peek?

Get access today to a FREE preview version of the curriculum to see exactly how it works. 

You've got questions, we've got answers!

Dear Homeschool Parent,

When I was in high school I was over 300 lbs. I was prediabetic, had horrible acid reflux, and had very low self-esteem. Even though I played sports I didn't know the foundational principles of how to live a healthy lifestyle, resulting in me not knowing how to partner with the body God gave me. Once I lost over 100 lbs I started to see how if we partner with the way God designed our body, we could do all the things He has called us to. But I saw so much brokenness and vanity in the health industry. I saw parents having to sift through endless content that wasn't in alignment with what they wanted to teach their kids. I saw how so many other kids and adults were struggling to live healthy lifestyles because they were never taught the simple frameworks of health in school. And they didn't understand what the Bible had to say when it comes to our health.

So I set out on a mission. And the mission is simple. I want every single child in America to be given the foundational knowledge of how to steward their body. And how to APPLY that knowledge in any season of their life. Not in a vain way that is self-centered, but in a selfless way that seeks to better serve God and others. 

So we created The F.O.R.M. Curriculum to help your student build a Biblical foundation in their health. Say goodbye to confusing health lessons that don't align with your values and say hello to fun and interactive videos that keep your student engaged and excited about learning about health. We partner with you and back you up so they actually understand why they are learning and applying these habits. F.O.R.M. is an online health program that will teach your students simple practices about movement, nutrition practices, rest and recovery, and how to maintain their habits over a lifetime.

Oh, and did I mention it is turnkey? Yep, it is specifically designed by fellow homeschool parents as a way to take work off of you! No more reading about health from a boring 400-page book. No more spending late nights lesson planning or grading assignments. We have done all the hard work for you. 

And guess what! We are always creating and adding new features and content like our brand new Scripture Devotional Guide. This guide goes right along with the lessons and gives your students a foundation for learning about health in a biblical way. It shows them exactly what the Bible teaches about health.

I call you to partner with our movement that is seeing a change in the health of the next generation. Will you stand in the gap for your child and see them build a Biblical foundation in their health? Get access to the homeschool discount today. We would love for you to be a part of the F.O.R.M. Family!

God bless you,

- Ashton and Kelsey Tate | Creators

Give your student everything they need to build a foundation in their health that will last a lifetime.


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